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Jiangsu Guangming New Materials Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Shunchi Tungsten & Molybdenum Products Co., Ltd.)
Molybdic Acid

Molecular Formula: H2MoO4

Property: White or blocky substances or powders with the specific gravity of 3.14(15¡ãC), slightly soluble in water, and soluble in caustic soda (liquid) or ammonium hydroxide.

Specification: Content: 85-90%( H2MoO4)

Main Use: Used in the manufacture of molybdenum catalyst, blue pigment and paint of ceramic enamel, as well as the raw material of molybdenum salt.

Package: Double-layer-plastic-bag lined iron drums with the net capacity of 50 kg.

Storage: Be stored at dry, ventilated places, and tie the bag mouths tightly to prevent moisture absorbing.

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